Additional services

  • Sales of professional products

  • Here you can buy a special series of professional products /L’OREAL, WELLA, System Professional WELLA/

  • Friction /application of ampoule/ – 3min.-3lv
  • AMPOULE L’OREAL /against hair loss or recovery/ – 9.99lv
  • Washing with L’OREAL or WELLA (shampoo + mask)-5.99lv
  • Styling by L’OREAL or WELLA – 5.99lv
  • Wash + Stylized L’OREAL or WELLA-10.99lv.
  • ANGEL-Nourishing treatment for hair-9.99lv
  • THERAPY-keratin
  • short hair -25 lv.

    long hair-29.99lv

    /recovering it for T-nourishment and shine of the hair in depth/

  • Infrared PRESS /for better penetration of products/ – 9.99lv
  • Infrared PRESS + ampoule or mask – 19.99lv.